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Keller Williams: Sports & Entertainment Division

An Exclusive, High-end Division of KW Realty, Inc.

KWSE New England Meet Up: April 14, 2022

#WeAreKWSE Introducing the Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment (KWSE) real estate division.

Keller Williams Realty is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count with more than 1,100 offices and 200,000 associates (and growing). For the first time ever, a real estate company of this scale has placed an emphasis on and devoted resources to serving an upper echelon of clientele, the sports, and entertainment industry.

With the backing of a real estate industry titan like Keller Williams and the combined resources, experience, and connections of over 1,000 hyperlocal agents, KWSE guarantees consistent white-glove service in any market or location.

Keller Williams’ unparalleled geographic coverage streamlines the processes associated with traditional relocation services for housing needs as well as buyer and listing broker real estate representation for properties anywhere throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Through our international REALTOR® Team, KWSE is the exclusive real estate partner needed to access a vast network of vendors and affiliates who can offer meaningful strategies and solutions to oversee:

● The procurement of local housing (leasing and purchases)

● Sales of current primary and secondary residences (listings)

● Local vendors providing specific relocation, maintenance, and niche services

● Informative property tours of new areas

● Extensive knowledge of local cultures and communities

● Local luxury amenities (automotive, shopping, fine dining, childcare, gyms)

● Real estate investment opportunities (residential, commercial, and land)

The power of KWSE

The power of @kellerwilliamsrealty Sports + Entertainment (KWSE) is the widespread collaboration of our agent team for housing and real estate needs. 

#KWSE comprises over 1,000 like-minded KW real estate agents in over 330 markets across North America. Our number one priority is execution, professionalism, and client confidence to ensure a white-glove and consistent experience in every interaction. 


Q: What is the Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment division?

A: The Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment division is a high-octane community of real estate agents offering immediate credibility, thought leadership, opportunities, and resources inside of the Keller Williams culture. KWSE has a niche, collective focus on a sports and entertainment client base which translates into thinking about our businesses in unique and creative ways.

Q: What KW Agents make up the Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment division?

A: Collectively in 2021, KWSE Agents closed over $13B in transactions in over 260Market Centers around the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Less than 1% of the total licensed agents within Keller Williams are approved to partner with KW Sports + Entertainment-producing a concierge-based, premium experience tailored for each housing client. KWSE is a private, invitation-only community of vetted agents aligned within Keller Williams Realty. The consideration of qualitative traits like problem solving, master negotiating, and consistency in our transactional methodologies earns-in the KWSE agent who is best to represent your real estate requirements.

Q: Why should you consider representation for your real estate needs with the Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment division?

A. KWSE is a curated, lifestyle brand within Keller Williams-the world’s largest real estate technology franchise by agent count with more than 1,100 offices and 200,000associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States. In other words, our collective reach and resources are unparalleled matched up against any other real estate brokerage in North America. Collaboration not Competition: Our authenticity, transparency, and accountability ensure that you will never need to settle for less than our best. We maintain a disciplined mindset within KWSE that trains each agent to ensure privacy and discretion are paramount and non-negotiable as part of our representation

Q: I am a KWSE Agent-what does that mean?

A: Representation of a dynamic real estate portfolio requires discretion and specific expertise. I am constantly evolving through masterminds with fellow KWSE Agents and building consistency of best practices. I add value through access to hyperlocal resources as an entrenched influencer within the community and maintain a reputation as an individual force among my peers. I abide by the KWSE Agent Philosophy: be service-driven and set high standards as the expectation.

Q: What does #WeAreKWSE mean?

A: Combined Force: pooling time, energy, and resources together manifests the massive reach of KWSE agents that is unrivaled. Working together collectively through a common fiduciary commitment, we represent and earn business from our customers looking to buy, sell, and lease real estate that yields immediate results. The power of each KWSE agent’s unique skill set and sphere of relationships drives success for our clients. When you choose to work with KWSE, you also have access to our extensive array of vendor partners to coordinate concierge services and introduce access to niche amenities. KWSE is not just a designation, it’s a mindset

For more information, please contact Danielle to set up a one-on-one consultation.

Danielle Tringali

KWSE Agent, and Team Lead