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Getting To Know Team Tringali

Team Tringali is ranked as the top 1% in the country for all realtors nationwide.

We are multi-million dollar producers who have sold over $200 million+ , winning numerous awards including Some of the highest level awards like the Chairman’s Circle Diamond, Chairman’s Platinum Award, Legend’s Award and numerous Ozzie awards for consistently being in the Top 10 in the company (2012-2019). Keller Williams Platinum Award Winners
(2019 & 2020) and Heavy Hitter Award (2019 & 2020).

We are a team of extremely passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated, 24/7realtors that stop at nothing to get the job done.
Top Team skills are:

  • top notch negotiators
  • professional & comprehensive marketers
  • constantly networking
  • extremely driven and crazy ambition…to name a few 

 We have the resources and connections to help any clients with anything and make their life super easy from flooring to interior design, mortgages, title company, painters, movers, electricians, plumbers and everything in between to lessen our client’s load, save their money and take care of them when they are overwhelmed and
trying get things done – we WILL make it happen.