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EDR & Family Septic Inspections, LLC

EDR & Family Septic Inspections, LLC

is dedicated to providing quality septic services to homeowners while providing them with the knowledge to properly care for their systems.

Using 26 years of experience and knowledge, Dan opened his own business. In 2019, Dan established EDR & Family Septic Inspections LLC. His company is doing well. He continues to educate himself, as well as his clients; gaining more knowledge and experience as an inspector and businessman. Dan and his wife, Lynn, work in the field together. Clients often call and ask for the husband and wife team.

More About Who We Are

Our Services

Inspect it. We inspect septic tanks, drain fields and city sewer lines.

Seller: If you are putting your house up for sale, an inspection can save you time, money and get the needed repairs before you place your home on the market.

Buyer: Most banks and lenders will require a septic inspection. This inspection is based on the findings on that particular day. While we cannot guarantee longevity, we can tell you if the system is up to code and fully functioning that day.

Homeowner: By having your system inspected every 3 years, it could save you thousands. A septic inspection is cheaper than replacing a leaching area.

Troubleshoot it.

Are you having septic issues? We can help you locate the areas of your system that may need attention.

Repair it.

EDR offers small repairs: Distribution boxes, inlet/outlet pipes, jetting and baffles. If the repair is out of our range of expertise we can refer you to a highly trained and professional septic specialist or installer.

More information on repairs