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New Construction

New Construction: Is It Right for You?

New construction home developments have sprung up across the country. They show
beautiful new designs in both living spaces and exterior details. It’s appealing to have the
ability to choose your flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and other features—moving
into a home no one has ever lived in. Yet, there are also good reasons to consider a resale
home as well. Understanding the advantages of each, you can decide if new construction is
right for your needs.

Brand New Construction Home
The first advantage for new construction is that everything is new, fresh, modern, and includes
the latest design trends. Appliances and windows will be energy efficient and include all the
newest features. Homebuyers will also find no need to budget for repairs since everything is
new and should include a warranty.

What are the benefits of building vs buying a house in NH?

With low unemployment and little-no personal income tax, New Hampshire is an attractive place to live for people at all stages of life. Whatever your preferred lifestyle and leisure activities, you can find a perfect spot to live in NH.


5 Phases of New Construction:

Phase one-research

  • Research the area to find the best fit for you.
  • Work with a buyer’s agent who understands new construction
  • Research and choose neighborhood and builder

Phase two- decision

  • Choose lot and reserve lot
  • Decide on structural options
  • Negotiate
  • Sign contract, pay deposit
  • Arrange financing

Phase three-planning

  • Schedule design center appointment, make selections
  • Builder meeting pre construction to go over plan
  • Sign off on final selections and pricing

Phase four-construction

  • Site and pre construction meeting with builder
  • Pre drywall builder meeting
  • Walk through typically 7-10 days before closing
  • Home inspection
  • Builder orientation
  • Final walk through

Phase five-closing and warranty

  • Settlement and closing at attorney’s office
  • Builders call back and warranty program

For more details on each phase:

Resale Home
A resale home can offer great value to homebuyers. The home will already have landscaping
and upgrades installed, saving out-of-pocket costs. Resale homes also tend to have larger lots
in established neighborhoods. Property taxes may also be lower because the infrastructure is
already in place. Finally, the buyer can easily research schools, safety, and amenities which
may still be under construction in new developments.

Ten Reasons to Buy a Resale Home

 1.  No decisions! It’s done

2.  You know how the house will look on the site

3.  The lots are often larger and the landscaping mature

4. You know the price

5.  The builder kinks have been worked out

6.  The houses on your street are finished

7.  The neighborhood values are established

8.  No need to have temporary housing and move twice

9.  You don’t have to worry about the builders financial status

10.  You really like it, it feels like home!

For more details on each reason:

Both new construction and resales homes have benefits. If you are in the market for a new
home, consider the options in your area and compare real costs and benefits. Knowing the
difference can save you money and help you find the right home for your needs and lifestyle.