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How to Buy and Sell at The Same Time

You have decided to sell your home, but you have the concerns that most home sellers have; “Where do I go next in this crazy market”. It is a real concern with how difficult it is to get an offer accepted in this market, but the good news is with the right resources you may not have to worry about competing at all.

Purchasing a Home SUCCESSFULLY (in 2021 and Beyond)

We have all heard the horror stories of houses on the market getting 20 or more offers, going way above the asking price, and the winner being a cash buyer. It is enough to scare any home seller into settling to not move and just ‘sticking it out’ a couple more years in their current home instead of being where they want to be. That’s because average buyers have one major downfall… they’re working with average agents. In today’s market, it takes using an extraordinary agent to do extraordinary things. Here’s how Team Tringali gets our buyers into homes faster and easier than other agents:

1. We connect off-market deals. We have an entire list of sellers who are ready to sell but don’t have their house on the market for a variety of reasons. Right now, we have over 25 homes that fall into that category. We close off-market deals REGULARLY because we bring on a buyer who is looking for the exact house that one of our sellers are willing to sell. No competition, no crazy market, and still matching every one of your needs in a fraction of the time otherwise spent working with an average agent touring the state every weekend for open houses.

2. Maybe an off-market property didn’t match your specific needs, or you see an on-market property that you love. Team Tringali will be ready to go, and we know this market better than anyone. Every agent on our team is both a listing agent and a buyer’s agent so we know what the other side is looking for. Cleanly packaged offers, appraisal gaps, personal connections with agents, and digging to find the seller’s exact needs are all skills that help to get your offer accepted that average agents aren’t doing.

3. It is a seller’s market. So, work with SELLER’S AGENTS.

Selling in 2021

You may have already heard but in this market, selling is the easy part. Homes are flying off the market for well above the asking price due to multiple competing offers. Anyone can sell a home in this market but it’s important to work with an agent who can get you more for your home. Here’s a few things we do to make that happen:

1. Marketing that exceeds expectations. We bring in professional photographers and stagers to make your house perfect. According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of buyers see their future home for the first time online. First impressions matter. That’s why having the best online marketing is important.

2. Negotiating. One of the most important jobs of a Seller’s Agent is using the market to the seller’s advantage. We do this with our knowledge of the right timing, using offers to compete with each other, and attracting buyers to increase the amount of competition.

3. Once you accept an offer you are considered ‘under contract’. This starts the process of inspections, of their loan going through underwriting, an appraisal, and other necessary steps before getting to the closing table. This is where having a REALTOR comes in handy. Their help extends past just selling your home but guiding you through each step and making things easier for you.

The Bottom Line

Selling then buying in this market can be scary. It’s important to work with an agent who goes above and beyond the average standard. This market requires offering above asking or going the alternative route of working with a team that can connect you with an off-market team.

On the other end, most seller’s homes are going for above asking and it can balance out your difficult buying situation while also locking in a low-interest rate.

The best time to buy real estate is always NOW. What are you looking for?

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